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Sujal Exim is among India’s leading engineering conglomerates operating in a high growth sector of railway components.It has a constant growth chart of turnover and clientele. Another factor driving our growth has been the versatility of our product line to satisfy millions of users. A team of experienced professionals looks after all commercial transactions, delivering shipments in time is top of their priorities, for what we have tie ups with well-known shipping companies. We keep our clients well informed about the status of their shipments and formalities to be completed further. 

At Sujal Exim we strive to lead in the invention, development, and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced conglomerates of mild steel and stainless steel, UPVC, and aluminium components, and all the Stainless Steel and Aluminium Items. 

Our technical leadership enables us to provide stainless steel products to satisfy all needs around the industry and to customize solutions to meet your particular requirements.

By constantly evolving our staff, we are completely committed to retaining value, placing our customers at the core of our activities. Everyone in our team is committed to excellence, not only in the manufacturing of products but also in the development of new environmental technologies.

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To be India’s topmost reliable and trusted company that is driven by innovation, which is in our DNA.


To have quality control measures and develop the manufacturing process for the best goods.


To continue being an organization with ethical, positive, and high-performance workplace culture.